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Professionalism and Workplace Etiquette

Hey again, 

So for my Co-op class at Seneca, we are learning about how to network, job trends in our field (hence my previous post) and how to manage stress and proper workplace etiquette. Our assignment this week is to highlight and educate, in a creative way, on 1 of the above topics that were presented by my other classmates. I chose professionalism and workplace etiquette because I think it’s the most relevant for many of us who will be starting co-ops in the Fall.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the presentation:

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Etiquette and Conduct

Today’s thoughts,

There are certain explicit and implicit rules of conduct when taking public transportation. Some of these explicit rules are as obvious as paying for a transit fare, while implicit rules less obvious like resting your feet on a bus seat.

Like most rules, not all are followed. This was recently made evident in a video that went viral of a lady sitting on the feet of a TTC rider.

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