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Current Government Relations Job Trends in the Transportation Industry

Hey y’all,

I’ve kinda of been on a hiatus due to being busy with school and work. For one of my assignments for my co-op class we are required to talk about job trends in the Government Relations field and job trends in general.

First thing I already know, without having to do any research is that finding a job for young people, ie. new grads like myself, IS EXTREMELY HARD. I’m currently struggling to even find a co-op for the POSTGRAD program I am in. Nothing is guaranteed these days.

Here are some general points about job trends in general:

  • Young people have the highest unemployment rate in Canada.
  • Having a university degree is no guarantee for a job anymore.
  • The most ’employable’ graduates are from STEM programs: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  • Getting a job these days is all about networking and who you know.

That being said, I thought I would talk about getting a job in the the Transportation field and, more specifically,  getting a Government Relations job in the Transportation field. For the purpose of this post, I’m not limiting my discussion to just public transportation.

Generally speaking, Government Relations job positions are limited in the Transportation field. This is due to the fact that Government Relations departments – in most industries – are very small. I recently spoke with many people who work for large corporations, all who told me that their government relations departments consist of only 10 people maximum, and many of those positions are senior to intermediate level. That means that there will rarely be any entry-level positions in the Government Relations field.

While there are not that many Government Relations jobs in the transportation field, I will post some links to the jobs I have found and discuss each below.

That being said, there other jobs in the transportation industry that can open doors and lead to a Government Relations job in the future. For example, a lot of Government Relations jobs do communications and community relations. Therefore, applying for communications or community relations jobs in the transportation field could lead to Government Relations positions in the future.

A great resource for jobs in the transportation industry are industry associations like The Canadian Urban Transit Association, which has a specific page devoted to jobs in the public transportation industry.

Another resource to check out is government relations/lobbyist consulting firms. There are so many in just the Toronto region. Many of them focus on certain industries – a big one being transportation. For example, Dillion Consulting, focuses primarily on transportation. Additionally, one of their main clients are governments. Another consulting firm to look out for is LEA, which focuses mainly on public transportation in the GTA. Unfortunately neither of these firms are hiring. Global Public Affairs – a Canadian Public Relations and Government Relations firm – has an entire team devoted to transportation and shipping.

This is an example of an expired Stakeholder Relations position at TransLink, a public transportation agency in BC. Many people in the government relations field also do stakeholder relations, so be sure to look out for those type of jobs too.

Finally, a great resource available to all of us Government Relations students is the Public Affairs Association of Canada. Here you can find a list of all the members, whom many work in the Transportation industry. People from CAA, 407 ETR and the Greater Toronto Airport Authority are members of PAAC, and you can find their e-mails through the member list.

Another trend that I discovered in my search is that there is more opportunity in the United States for Lobbying and Government Relations jobs in the transportation industry.

Thats all for now,



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