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Etiquette and Conduct

Today’s thoughts,

There are certain explicit and implicit rules of conduct when taking public transportation. Some of these explicit rules are as obvious as paying for a transit fare, while implicit rules less obvious like resting your feet on a bus seat.

Like most rules, not all are followed. This was recently made evident in a video that went viral of a lady sitting on the feet of a TTC rider.

While I know I don’t follow ALL the rules and codes of conduct, here are some that I ALWAYS follow.

    • This is probably the most IMPORTANT one. Not paying could result in hefty fines from Transit Enforcement Officers and even a criminal record.
    • Want improved transit? Fare evasion results in lost revenue that could be used for improvements and developments. According to a Toronto Star article,  the TTC estimates that fare evasion costs it about $20 million a year in lost revenue.
    • A seat for your bag and a seat for yourself…. right? I’ll admit, if there’s a free seat beside me I’m the first to put my stuff on the seat.. HOWEVER, if the bus and/or subway seems the slightest bit full, its proper ‘conduct’ to put your stuff on your lap or on the floor instead of on a seat that could be used for another passenger. If you do see a free seat with someone’s stuff on it, politely ask them to move it so you can sit.
    • Relating to the above video, don’t put your legs and feet on free seats! While not all people will get as bothered as the individuals in the video, it becomes annoying to constantly ask someone to move their feet or bags to free up a seat.
    • Be polite! Say thank you to those who hold the door for you, bus drivers, someone who offers a seat etc.
    • Help out when you can! If you see someone confused about fare payment or directions offer your help.
    • Keep to yourself! Kind of an oxymoron based on the previous two points but for many people who use transit to commute to and from work or school, all they want is a relaxing, stress free ride from point a to point b. Avoid eating smelly food, keep proper hygiene and wear headphones when listening to music or videos on portable devices!
    • DON’T LITTER!! This is one of my biggest pet peeves in general. There are garbage bins at EVERY transit station throughout the GTA. Keeping stations and the bus/subway clean provides for a better commuting experience. You can also get a hefty fine for littering.

Whats your biggest transit pet peeve? Comment below and let me know!


2 thoughts on “Etiquette and Conduct

  1. I’ve had to tolerate many inconsiderate people while taking transit. The biggest issues I’ve had with people were taking up more than one seat (spreading their legs to take up the seat beside them and putting their feet on the chair in front). Like your video example, it’s hard to figure out whether who is in the right or wrong once you engage with someone. Interesting post none the less!

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    1. Thanks for the comment Robert. I agree, it’s hard to know who’s right or wrong in a situation like this. It’s also hard to confront people in certain situations, I often find myself biting my tongue to avoid any unnecessary confrontation…


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