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Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Amina Dibe and I’m a recent graduate from Western University. I studied Political Science and Spanish and graduated in June 2016. Currently, I’m in a post-graduate certificate program at Seneca@York, studying Government Relations Management with Co-op. The purpose of this blog is to expand my knowledge of the transportation industry in Toronto and the GTA and share my experiences taking public transportation to and from school. If I get noticed through this blogging process, well hey, that’s just a perk. I thought my blog idea was unique, however, there are many people who blog about public transportation.

I have a love-hate relationship with driving AND public transportation. Getting around in the GTA is difficult whether you drive OR take the bus (subway, streetcar, etc). Each has its perks. I would much rather subway downtown than drive and struggle to find where to park. However, if I’m going to work I’d rather drive. Driving on the highway with no traffic: good. Driving on cities roads with traffic: bad. I bus to school, only because parking at York is $20 a day, and the trip isn’t too long (20-40 minutes). Generally, I prefer transit when going into the city, and driving when I’m going far from the city. I’m sure many people agree with the latter sentence.

Before I begin blogging more frequently, I thought I would let readers know of a few (but important) disclaimers:

Disclaimer #1: This is my first blog. I am new to the process, the style of writing and most of all using WordPress. So far the site seems very user-friendly, however I’ll keep you updated on that…

Disclaimer #2: This blog is not intended to bash or overly rant about certain public transportation agencies. Public transportation will never be perfect and can always be improved – yes even the London Underground.

Disclaimer #3: I work for a public transportation agency part-time. I no way do my views or opinions reflect or are associated with my employer.

I’m really excited to start my own blog, and hope that this helps diversify my skills, expand my network and hopefully help in my search for a co-op placement in the transportation industry!

– Amina Dibe

York University Viva bus stop, where I catch the bus. Photo taken by myself.

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